Auction Details

Date: Saturday, May 16, 2015
Time: 10:00 AM
Auction Type: Antique Auction

Large Antique & Collectible  Auction!

If you are a baseball card collector and a doll collector and a salt & pepper collector this is the auction for you. We will have thousands of baseball cards and baseball novelty items and over hundreds of dolls at this auction plus many many salt & pepper shakers.

***COA=Certificate of Authenticity & COO=Certificate of Ownership***

Terri Lee Dolls: Bride – W/COA & W/Box, Halloween Doll – NIB – W/COA #1150, Very Rare Flirty Eyed Walker from 1950 – No Box

Effanbee Dolls: Patsy Joan – W/COA  & W/Box. Patsy W/Wee Patsy in Carriage – NIB – V763, (2) Candy Kid – W/Box – Arms Detached, Girls Scout USA Brownie -NIB #V1007A – #V1007 – #V1007AA – # V1007H, Girl Scout USA Girl Scout – NIB – #V1008 – #V1008A – #V1008AA – #V1008H, Legends George Burns – NIB – V529, American Child – Louise – #94637 – Autumn Patsy – ID#37434-001 – W/COA, Skippy – NIB – W/COA, Patsy – NIB – W/COA, American Child Stamp Doll – NIB – W/COA, Legends -Carol Channing – NIB – W/COA, Dewees Cochran Cindy – NIB – W/COA

Franklin Mint Dolls: (2) Princess Diana – The people’s Princess Doll – W/COA – W/Box PLUS 6 different outfits to fit The People’s Princess Doll, Diana – Princess of Wales – NIB – W/COA

Suzanne Gibson Doll – W/Box, Gibson Baby 2005 – W/Box

The Ashton Drake Galleries: (3) Winter Romance Wedding Party Dolls – NIB -W/COA, Don’t I Look Pretty – W/Box, Clean As A Whistle W/Bathtub and Glass Bubbles – NIB, Look Mommy It Floats – NIB – W/COA  #AD3981-A, Kirsten  – NIB – W/COA – #36017A, Gracie – NIB – W/COA  – #2966A, Alexandria – NIB – W/COA  – #TA-9126, Cute As A Button – NIB – W/COA  – #2306, Fishing Buddies – NIB – W/COA  – #2184A

Danbury Mint Collection Shirley Temple Dolls: (2) Santa’s Helper – W/Box – W/COO #A9287, Gift Bearer – NIB – W/COO – #A9287,  Little Caroler – W/Box, Good Samaritan – W/Box, Dress Up Doll – W/Box – W/COO – #F6834 (Green  Outfit), Antique Doll – NIB – W/COA #A5598, Red Cross Doll – NIB – W/COA – A1844 PLUS Shirley Temple Dress Up Doll Clothes (All NIB): Stand Up & Cheer, Susannah of the Mountains, The Littlest Rebel, Captain January, Blue Bird, Stowaway, Little Miss Broadway, & Wee Willie Winkie 

Danbury Mint Collection: Tiny Tears –NIB – W/COA #A9614 W/Case, Campbell Kids ”The Dancing Chef” – NIB – W/COA #A8377, Bye Bye Baby W/Bye Bye Seat 

The Hamilton Collection: The Little Rascal Series: Darla – NIB – W/COA #04461B, Alfalfa – NIB – W/COA #2285C, Stymie – NIB, Spanky – NIB, Pete the Pup – NIB – W/COA #2152B

Avon Doll Collection: Batter Up Doll – NIB – W/COA #038176 W/ Stand, Girl Scout – NIB – W/COA #010297 W/ Stand

Twinkie – The Teeny Tiny Doll with the Big Wardrobe – #1670 – Made by Marx Toys

Miscellaneous Dolls: The Jackie Doll – NIB PLUS 5 Different Jackie Doll Outfits – NIB, Mrs. Beasley,  Porcelain Vietnamese Dolls – W/Base, George Washington – Plastic – W/Stand, Abe Lincoln – Plastic – W/Stand, Groucho Marx – W/Stand , Menie ”Elton & Emily” – W/Box – COA, Home Alone Talking Kevin Doll, ”Home Alone Screaming Kevin”Boss” Tear A Apart Stress Doll, Coca Cola Santa Classic Edition  – 1948 ”Hospitality” – NIB, Archie Bunker’s Grandson – By Ideal – W/ Box, Cabbage Patch Kids Brag Book – W/8 Small Cabbage Patch Kids, Kiddles Collector’s Case, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader – 1982, Urkel Talking Doll From Family Matters, The Musical Doll ”June & Julie” – W/Box, Bart Simpson Soft Doll – NIB, The Talking Michael Jordan Doll From Space Jam, Baby Brother Tender Love, Porcelain Dolls W/Adjustable Arms -Legs & Head, Little Red Riding Hood W/Grandma & Wolf on the other end, Annie Doll (Cloth & Little), Popeye Doll (Little & Plastic), Musical Patty & Penny, Harry Potter (No Box), New Kids on the Block ”Donnie & Jordan”, Toy Story 2 – Jessie, Princess Lea, Star Wars Queen Amidala, Soldiers of the World ”US Major General” ”Norway Major” ”Navy Seal”, Dorothy Wizard of Oz, Chatty Cathy (Small & Large), Baby Come Back,         

Doll Clothes: Antique White Dress W/Wire Hanger Plus so much more!

Barbies: Around The Country Series: Nigerian, Japanese, Australian, Polish, Dutch, Polynesian, Swedish, Canadian, Brazilian, Russian, Peruvian, Swiss, (2) Chilean, Native American, Kenyan, Mexican, Princess of China, Italian, Hawaiian, Irish, Chinese, Korean, Greek, German, Princess Ireland, Princess of the Nile

Barbies: Air Force (Thunderbirds), Air force Stars & Stripes, Army, Graduation 1997, Walmart 30th Anniversary, (2) Pretty Picnic, 1998 Winter Collection ”Winter in NY”, Secret of the Three Teardrops, 40th Anniversary , Barbie Swimming Champion, Little Debbie Barbie, General Mills Barbie ”Winter Dazzle”, 1997 ”Special Edition”, Radiant Rose Limited Edition (2nd in Series), Barbie Nutcracker ”The Sugar Plum Princess 35th Anniversary Special Edition”, ”Original 1959 Barbie Doll” REPRODUCTION, Silken Flame Barbie, NASCAR 50th Anniversary, Fun to Dress Barbie (1-1988 & 2-1989), 40th Anniversary of Ken, The Nutcracker – Marzipan, Friend of Barbie ”Becky – School Photographer, Teresa – Swimming Champion”, Enchanting Evening, NEBRASKA, Pink Sensation

Barbie (Special Edition Holiday Series) #1, 2, 5 & 6

Ken & Barbie: Air Force Thunderbirds, The X Files

Elvis Presley Collection: Elvis Army Years, Teen Idol, ’68 Special, Jailhouse Rock

1976 Cher

I love Lucy

Walt Disney Dolls: Peter Pan Series: ”Tinkerbell, Wendy, Captain Hook, Peter Pan”, Disney Aladdin ”Fashion Genie”

Beauty & the Beast: The Beast, Belle

Planet of the Apes: Dr. Zaius, Gorilla Sergeant, Taylor, Zira, Gorilla Soldier, General Ursus, Cornelius

GI Joe: Basic Training Grunt, Basic Training Heavy Duty

Lullaby Munchkin: Kelly & Tommy

Strawberry Shortcake: Blueberry Muffin, Crepe Suzette W/Eclair, Sour Grapes, Purple Pieman W/Berry Bird, Cherry Cuddler, Angel Cake W/Souffle, Orange Blossom, Huckleberry Pie, Lime Chiffon W/Parfait Parrot, Lem and Ada W/Sugar Woofer, Almond Tea W/Marza Panda, Apricot W/Hopsalot, Lemon Meringue W/Frappe, Strawberry Shortcake, Mint Tulip W/Marsh Mallard, Raspberry Tart W/Rhubarb, Butter Cookie W/Jelly Bear, Cafe Ole W/Burrito 

Salt & Pepper Shakers: Sarsaparilla Hot Dog & Hamburger, Vintage 1960’s Ceramic Aunt Jemima Black Americana, Adam & Eve, Precious Moments, WIBC 1955, Pillsbury Dough Boy, Roger Rabbit & Elmer Fudd, Pheasants, Trains, Santa & Mrs. Claus, Lawn Mower, Dogs, Giraffes, Alligators, Daily Bread Praying girls W/Matching Napkin Holder, Bowling Pin & Ball, Kangaroo & Her Cub, Roosters (Big & Small), Strawberry Shortcake, Native American (Children), Coca-Cola Man W/Cart, Cactus, Clowns, Dice, NEBRASKA, Beer Steins, Schlitz, Seagrams Gin, Mickey & Minnie Bride & Groom, John Deere Tractor & Corn Trailer, Judge Gavels, Lemons, Black Americana Salty & Peppy, Skunks, Wood Burning Stove, Vintage Red Glass Strawberries Hanging on a Silver Tree, Grape Hanging S&P, Vintage Black Americana on Green Vegetables, Vintage Black Americana on a Turnip, Bamboo, Salty & Peppy Vintage Clowns, So Many More!

Baseball Card Collection & Memorabilia: 30 Boxes of Commons & Semi Stars, 13 Boxes of Super Stars, Various Sets by Various Manufacturers, Boxes of Unopened Waxpacks

Autographed Cards: Tommy John, Mark Grace, Ernie Banks, Nolan Ryan, Dave Parker, Nic Johnson

Memorabilia:  Lots of Autographed Items

Listing of Complete Sets: hc = hand collated and f = factory
Donruss –  ’81 (hc), ’89 (f), ’91 (f)  x 3, ’92 (f), ’92 (hc), ’93 (hc), ’94 (hc), & ’95 (hc)

Bowman – ’89 (hc), ’90 (hc) x2 & ’90 (f),

Flair – ’94 (hc) & 95 (hc)

Fleer– ’89 (hc), ’90 (f), ’91 (f)x2, ’92 (f), ’92 (hc), & ’93 (hc)

Fleer Ultra – ’91 (hc), ’92 (hc), ’93 (hc), ’94 (hc), & 95 (hc)

Leaf – ’91 (hc), ’92 (hc) x2, ’93 (hc) x2, ’94 (hc), & 95 (hc)

Pinnacle– ’92 (hc), ’93 (hc), & 94 (hc)

Score – ’88 (f), ’88 (hc), 89 (f) x2, ’91 (f) x3, ’92 (hc) x 2, & ’92 (f) x4

Select – ’96 (hc)

Tops – ’85 (hc), ’86 (hc) x2, ’87 (hc) x2, ’88 (hc) x2, ’89 (hc) x2, ’89 (f ) x2, ’90 (hc) x2, ’90(f) x2, ’91 (f) mini x2, ’91 (f) x2, ’92 (f), ’92 (hc), ’93 (hc), & ’94 (hc) x2

Topps Stadium Club – ’92 (hc), ’93 (hc), ’93(f) & 94 (hc)

Studio– ’92 (hc)

Upper Deck –  ’89 (f) ( Griffey Rookie), ’90 (hc) x2, ’90 (f) x5, ’91 (f) x2, ’92 (hc) x2, ’93 (hc), & ’94 (hc) 

Upper Deck Collectors Choice – ’94 (hc) & ’96 (f)

Please check back – Lots more to list and more pictures! This is not even half of it! We have more dolls, Barbies, baseball cards and sports memorabilia, salt & pepper shakers and so much more!  


Items to be auctioned