Auction Details

Date: Wednesday, July 15, 2015
Time: 6:30 PM
Auction Type: Miscellaneous Auction

City Of Glenwood Library Annex Salvage Auction!  

Everything must go! Demolition will begin July 20th. 

It will be your responsibility to remove the items you have purchased. You will have until July 17th to get your items out of the Glenwood  Library Annex. 


2008 Crown Victoria – VIN #2FAHP7IV48XI42517 – Mileage 85,361 – Used Condition, Not Running, Motor Issues


Window Coverings, Assortment of sizes of Doors & Casing, Assortment of Windows and Casing, Wood Flooring, Vanity, Kitchen Cabinets, Wood Work (Base, Casing Etc.), Ceiling Fans, Kitchen Equipment, Coat Rack, 6 Artificial Potted Trees, Silver Metal Heating Piece (Jackson Brand), Box of Misc. PVC Pipe, Blue Curtains, Book Shelves, Bag with Wooden Frames & Flags, Folding Chair Cart, Banquet Table 96”, Computer Boxes, Card Tables, End Tables Blue Plaid Couch & Love Seat, Assortment of Storm Windows, Cabinets, Step Stool, Cast Iron Sink, Potted Ivy Plant, Table, Plunger, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 2 Gallons of Paint, Light Fixture Not Attached, Old Roll Type Blinds, Random Cords, White Curtains, Gold Curtains, Full Length Mirror, Plastic Table Covers, Toys, Back Packs, Cassette Tape Holders, Stuffed Animals, File Box, Kitchen Timer, Adding Machine, Bulletin Board Decorations, Plastic Fire Hats & Ball Caps, Miscellaneous Scholastic School Type Sheets, Chairs, Lego’s, Blue Plastic Table Covers, Toy Popcorn Stand, Pink Toilet Seat Cover W/Matching Trash Can, Snack Set  (22 Plates, 11 Goblets, 8 Cups, 12 Additional Cups, Butter Dish, Cream & Sugar) 3 Large Percolating Coffee Pots, Hoover Vacuum Cleaner, Swivel Chairs, Dust Mop, Swiffer, 2 Wet Mops, Broom, Dust Pan, Misc. Salt & Pepper Shakers, Hot Pads, Silverware & Kitchen Utensils, Coffee Mugs, 2 Additional Snack Sets, Misc. Kitchen Items, Emerson Microwave, Punch Set W/Punch Bowls, dish Drainers, Phone, 11 x 17 Bulletin Board, Additional Punch Bowls, Kitchen Table, Red Chairs, Frigidaire Deluxe Stove, Drop Leaf Table, Chairs that could match Table, Waste Baskets, Old Wooden School Desk, 4 Locking CD Holders, 2 Orange Hard Chairs, Pedestal Table W/3 Chairs, 4 Chairs that could match Table, Wooden Folding Chairs, Tan Book Holder, Blue Nylon Storage Bins, Entertainment Center, Magnax 21” TV, White Glass Lamp, Gold Lamps, Octagon Table 24 x 24, Small Rocking Chair, 2 Study Tables, Straight Chair, 4 Industrial Rugs,


Garden Hose, Shingles, Metal Railing, Wood from a Ramp, Landscape Stone for a Retaining Wall, Exterior Doors, Guttering, Picnic Table


Newer Furnace, Duct Work


Mountain Landscape 36 x 26, Floral Landscape 33 x 29, Quails 40 x 29, Dishes 35 x 19, Riding Horse 37 x 32, Water & Tree Landscape 37 x 32, The Dance of Spring is the Dance of Life 32 x 25, Seascape 26 x 28, Amish Country Nanoel 34 x 24, Country Shelf W/Dried Flowers 29 x 25, School Teacher 16 x 18, Basket of Tomatoes 22 x 4, Set of 2 Landscapes 30 x 40 Each, Tulips Herald Feinstein  23 x 31, 2 Floral Pictures 26 x 32, Flower Landscapes 30 x 26, Fruit & Flowers 31 x 26, Glass Document Holder 21 x 30, Flower 23 x 31, Allains 12 x 14, Gate W/Flowers 30 x 39

We will be selling the ceiling to the floor. come spend the evening with us!

Items to be auctioned