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Date: Sunday, March 06, 2016
Time: 10:00 AM
Auction Type: Antique Auction

Sunday Auction – 6.5 to 8 Hour Auction 




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Horse Bits – Over 200 – Some U.S. Calvary

Chaps – Angora Wolly – Leather Batwing – Leather Shotgun


SA – Coggshell High-Back Loop Seat – Approx. 15” Seat – Miles City, MT. – Saddle Stand not part of the sale

SB – Alfred Cornish – Approx. 15” Seat – Omaha, NE. – Saddle Stand not part of the sale

SC – Kennedy Saddle – W/Bridle and Breast Collar – Approx. 15 1/2” Seat – Omaha, NE – Saddle Stand not part of the sale

SD – McClellan Saddle W/Original Saddle Blanket and Pickit Ropes – Original Horsehair Girthstrap, 11 1/2” Seat – Saddle Stand not part of the sale

SE – McClellan Saddle W/U.S. Saddle bags – Shows Wear but have Original Liners – Marked U.S. – 12” Seat – Saddle Stand not part of the sale

SF – Platterhorn Collins and Morrison – Omaha, NE – Approx. 13” Seat – Saddle Stand not part of the sale

SG – Kennedy Saddle – Omaha, NE – W/Bell – Approx. 15 1/2” Seat – Saddle Stand not part of the sale

SH – Kennedy Saddle – Omaha, NE – Approx. 15 1/2” Seat – Saddle Stand not part of the sale

SI – Pony Saddle W/Bell – Approx. 12” Seat – No Marks – Saddle Stand not part of the sale

SJ – Collins & Morrison Highback Saddle – Omaha, NE – Approx. 14 1/2” Seat – Saddle Stand not part of the sale

SK – Plantation Saddle – Approx. 13” Seat – Saddle Stand not part of the sale

SL – S.C. Gallup Higheback Saddle – Pueblo, CO – Approx. 15” Seat – Saddle Stand not part of the sale

SM – Harpham Brothers Highback Saddle – Lincoln, NE Approx. 12” Seat – Saddle Stand not part of the sale

SN – Western Saddle – Approx. 15” Seat – Saddle Stand not part of the sale

SO – Hermann H. Heiser -Beartrap -Denver – Approx. 14” Seat – Saddle Stand not part of the sale

SP – Side Saddle – Saddle Stand not part of the sale

SQ – Newberry Saddle – Alliance, NE – This saddle came off of an Indian Reservation near Fort Wasakie – Approx. 14 1/2” Seat – Saddle Stand not part of the sale

SR – Fred Mueller Highback Saddle – Denver, CO – Approx. 15” Seat – Saddle Stand not part of the sale

SS – Charles P. Shipley High Back Saddle Kansas City, MO – Approx. 17 1/2 Seat – Saddle Stand not for sale!

ST – Pastene International English Saddle – Approx. 14” Seat – Saddle Stand not for sale!

SU – McClellan Saddle – Original Horsehair Girthstrap, 12” Seat – Saddle Stand not part of the sale

SV – McClellan Saddle – Original Clark Horsehair Girthstrap, 12” Seat – Saddle Stand not part of the sale



2 – Dains (John Deere Bought Dains in 1911)

Jenkins (Seat is cracked; part of J is missing)


Buckeye Akron

Rock Island Plow


2- Western Roller Co.; Hastings, NE


N 81


Walter A. Wood

D222 Plain Mfg Co. Chicago; Jones Rake

Trade Axes

3 – French Fur Trade Axe (with mark); Mid 1500’s to mid 1600’s; St. Lawrence or Great Lakes Area

Trade Axe (no marks) possible French Fur Trade

Rope Makers

2 – 3 Braid Rope Makers W/O Guide Pat. #11-12-1901

1 – 3 Braid Rope Makers W/ Guide Pat. #11-12-1901

2 – 4 Braid Rope Makers W/ Guide Fairfield, IA Pat. # 7-18-1911

2 – 3 Braid Rope Makers (Unmarked)

Duck Decoys

2 – Pair of Fabric Decoys

2 – Wood Duck Decoys believed to be a Grade Mason but Not Guaranteed

4 – Vintage Wooden Duck Decoy

Pair of Cloth Decoys L.W. Reynolds, Forest Park, IL.

Pair of Wooden Decoys Marked Hall , Larger Size

Pair of Wooden Decoys

Sleigh Bells 

Leather Sleigh Bells W/15 Bells Complete

Leather Sleigh Bells W/29 Bells

Breast Collar Sleigh Bells W/13 Bells – Missing 4 Buttons

Leather Sleigh Bell W/31 Bells

Rawhide Rope

Rawhide Lariat Rope

Horse Reins

Braided Horse Rains

Bull Whips

3 – Leather Bull Whips

Baby Rattle 

Ceremonial Native American Turtle Rattle – Possible Reproduction

Leg Irons

Hand Forged Leg Iron

Neck Shackle

Driving Mittens

Lot of 3 Driving Mittens

Lot of 2 Driving Mittens

Surgeon Saws

Civil War Surgeon’s Saw Marked ”C DISST PHLAD”

Surgeon Saw Marked but Difficult to Read

Calvary Stake & Chain Marked U.S.

Moose Call 


Marked U.S. on One Side, Shield W/13 Stars & Stripes on the other

Roscoe Made in Germany

Tiffany & Co. New York

Marked Remington 41012


European Bayonet

Bayonet Marked U.S.

Hitched Horsehair Quirts

Horse Whips

Lot of 2 and Lot of 3

Saddle Bags

Saddle Bag Marked Union Stockyards

Tooled Leather Saddle Bag

U.S. Saddle Bag W/Liners –  Boyt Co.


H&H Heiser Denver

Stamped but Hard to Find

Marked ”Hunter inside Powder Horn

Marked U.S. Idaho Leather Co. Boise, ID

U.S. Marked – Stamped Adirondack Leather Cooperstown New York – Shoulder Strap

U.S. Marked but Missing a Strap

U.S. Holster

The George Lawrence Co. Portland, OR

3 – Leather Holsters

Marking Outfit  

U.S. Marking Outfit for Stamping Metal; Inside Marked William Feversham 1st. Seargent Co. C, 74th Infantry USA

License Plates

Iowa Leather License Plate

Nebraska Leather License Plate

3 – Pair of Illinois War Time Soybean Plates Dated 1944, 1945, & 1946

1913 Iowa Motorcycle Plate

1943 Iowa Windshield License Plate

Iowa State Patrol License Plate

Prehistoric Buffalo Skull 

Steam Whistles

3 – Steam Whistles

Lunkenheimer Steam Whistle

Crane Co. Steam Whistle

American Guage & Valve MFG. Co.; Boston USA #36582

American Steam Guage & Valve MFG. Co.; Boston USA  – 1 1/4

Popcorn Whistle

Powder Horns

2 – Leather Powder Horn

Lask & Cap Co.; Leather Powder Horn W/Dog Picture on Leather

2 – Tin Powder Horn – Has Some Dents

2 – Brass or Copper Powder Horn – 1 is Missing Spring

Copper Powder Horn W/Eagle

Painted Powder Horn

Matthew Lindon Bell Creek, NE 1867

3 – Powder Horns

Bugle Horn

Tooling Kit – Leather – Hardly Used – 36 Tools

Bullet Molds

Manufactured by the Winchester Arms Co.; New Haven, CT.

Ideal Mfg. Co.; New Haven, CT USA

6 – Regular Bullet Molds

Porcelain Signs 

Painter 12 GA

Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Assn.

Deep Rock

HI-POWER Shot  Shells

McCormick – Deering Farmall

Double Sided Shell Gasoline

Cast Iron Sign

Cast Iron Iowa Road Sign 42

Steel Signs

U.S. Highway 34 Iowa Sign

Vintage Steel Stop Sign Arterial Highway

Oval Fordson/Ford Motor Co. Detroit, MI USA

Paper Signs

Warning Indian Land Sign

Buffalo Cigarillos

C.M. Russell Paper Calendar

John Deere Moline, IL

Horseshoe Tobacco Sign

Clay Robinson & Co. Calendar 1893 Chicago, S.Omaha, & KC Stockyards

1959 C.M. Russell Calendar Central Ne – Full Calendar

1985 C.M. Russell Calendar Thomas D. Murphy Co.; – Full Calendar

Orphan Boy Smoking Tobacco

Laverty Brothers 1952 Calendar – Full Calendar

Aluminum Sign

Burlington Route Sign W/Time Table – 1870

Tin Signs

Surge Cleaner Milk/Faster Milk

DE LAVAL Cow & Calf Gurnsey

DE LAVAL Cow & Calf Jersey

DE LAVAL Cow & Calf Holstien

DE LAVAL Cream Separator Catalog

Stockyards Commission Co.

Sportsman Please don’t shoot at the telephone lines – Double Sided

Boards of Barbwire

(33) 18” Barbwire Collection W/Paten Holder Name & Date – All Prior to 1900

Civil War Crutches

Web Belt W/Canteen, Holster, Knife, & Bandage Holder – All Marked U.S.


1 Pair Purchased in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Lorraine Crawford in 1988 = These are a reproduction of ones that were in Gaucho Museum  in Montevider, Uruguay

2 – Mexican Spurs

2 – Gambler Spurs

Known as Silver Dollar Spurs 1881

Ricardo Nickle Silver

2 – Bob Blackwood Texas Stamped BB

3 – USA Buermann

Marked Colorado

Matched Pair but 1 is missing its buttons

Never Rust

3 – Crockett

2 – Heal Boot Spurs


Don Ricardo Repaired

Made in New England

Jingle Bobs

Rock Island Arsenal

Never Rust W/Star

Star Steel Silver

Water Canteen

Indian War Infantry Canteen W/Original Leather Strap

Nose Bag

U.S. Quarter Master Nose Bag

Collapsible US Feed or Water Bag

MGM Props

Cuspidor Marked Santa Fe Railroad

Kerosen Lamp for Movie Props – Property of Wells Fargo & Co. Express – San Francisco Division

***This is the story that was told. The 2 items above were used as props in the MGM movies.***

Rowels – Bob Blackwood 

US Army Mule Harness – Never used – reconditioned in 1938 – Still in original crate – Assumed around WWI



Items to be auctioned