Auction details

Date: Saturday, March 10, 2018
Auction Type: Benefit Auction
Sale Bill Coming Soon

This is start of 2018 banquet items:

  • Wyoming bighorn tag
  • Wyoming moose tag (We are really excited about this news)
  • Nebraska elk tag
  • Iowa Non-resident whitetail tag
  • Montana prairie dog hunt for 6
  • Argentina Red Stag hunt for 2 hunters
  • Spring of 2019 Snow goose hunt
  • Alberta Black bear hunt
  • Alabama whitetail deer hunt
  • Michigan hog hunt
  • Alberta Varmint hunt
  • WSF Kimber 6.5 Creedmor with Leupold scope
  • more to come

Registration form: 2018_iowafnaws_banquet_registration.pdf

Note: A limited number of exhibitor tables will be available. Please contact us for details and availability.

Donations will be accepted. If you are interested in making a donation to our banquet, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Items to be auctioned